Although many in positions of leadership, merely, consistently, proceed, focusing on ways to avoid responsibilities, etc, those few, who become meaningful, effective leaders, look introspectively, rather than blaming and complaining! Stop complaining about what’s wrong, or needs fixing, but, rather, it is imperative to take the time, make the effort, and have the commitment, to look within, in an objective, INTROSPECTIVE manner. This article will attempt to briefly examine this concept, using the mnemonic approach, in order to discuss, some of the reasons, it is so, very important, for a true leader, to assume the necessary degree of personal responsibility.

1. Integrity: Are you ready, willing, capable and able, to be completely honest, both, with yourself, as well as those you serve and represent? Only when someone does all he can do, to assure he maintains absolute integrity, will he be able to deliver the quality representation, and service, his organization and stakeholders, need, and deserve!

2. Needs: Pseudo – leaders, often, concentrate on looking, or even, being busy, rather than listening effectively, and addressing the true needs of their group, etc.

3. Trustworthy: Will you do what it takes, to assure, you are perceived as being trustworthy, as well as actually, being so? How will you measure this necessity, and will you be willing to commit, to avoiding taking shortcuts, merely because they may be convenient, and/ or easier?

4. Relevant; reliable: Effective leadership is not about merely being active, or doing something, but, rather, actions and strategies, must, consistently focus, on being relevant! Why do you believe, you are capable of being a reliable leader?

5. Objective: Are your perceptions prejudiced and biased, or are you capable of being objectively introspective? How will you proceed, to assure, you are objective, as a quality leader, must be?

6. Sustainable system: Far too often, those in leadership positions, opt for the path of least resistance, and/ or popular, simply addressing short – term, and/ or present challenges, rather than evaluating future impacts and ramifications! When one is willing to look more deeply, he realizes, it is the responsibility and measure of a true leader, to perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and implement a quality, relevant, sustainable system!

7. Priorities; planning: Are you priorities, in sync with, the needs, concerns, realities, etc, of your group and constituents? There can be no substitute for quality, professionally designed, leadership planning!

8. Empathy: When one commits to prioritize listening to others, and learning from everything he hears and experiences, he becomes capable, and willing, to proceed with the degree of empathy, those you represent, need and deserve!

9. Clarity; character: How can anyone have the necessary clarity, until/ unless, he first looks within? Do you possess the quality of character, to become a true leader?

10. Timely: One must not attempt to delay, and/ or procrastinate, but must, consistently proceed, with the best, well – considered strategy, complete with timely action!

11. Ideas; ideology: Is you ideology and goals, in sync with the mission of your organization, and what your stakeholders need, and deserve? Will you be someone who conceives of, and introduces quality ideas?

12. Vibrant, vital vision: Genuine, meaningful leadership, requires proceeding with a vibrant, vital vision, which serves others, rather than one’s self – interest, or personal agenda!

13. Excellence: Don’t settle for good – enough, or being mediocre, but, rather, demand the utmost degree of personal excellence!

Will you be sufficiently INTROSPECTIVE, to make a difference, for the better? Are you up to this personal responsibility?

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